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Psychic Mediums
Chris & Kelly

Your destination for divine information!

Kelly Weaver is a certified Law of Attraction coach, psychic Tarot reader, published author, speaker, educator, wife, and mother. In her first book, Living Your Own Aloha: 5 Steps to Manifesting Your Dreams, she shares how breaking her ankle awakened her to her spiritual gifts.  In 2014, she finally took her own advice and moved from Pennsylvania to Honolulu, Hawaii to pursue HER dreams!  


Chris Cruz is Psychic Medium, Energy Healer and Medical Intuitive. From a young age he was able to connect with Spirit and those that have crossed over from this life to the next. He is also gifted in his Psychic ability to ascertain information regarding past, present and even future information about clients. A transplant from the state of Maine, he now calls Texas home. 


Together, Chris and Kelly are a one-of-a-kind duo, working in tandem changing the lives of  clients around the world. They deliver messages of healing from the other side, and are your guide to revealing the secrets hidden beyond the veil. Their work also assists clients in their personal growth, often helping to bring them into alignment with their true path and purpose. 

Book WIth Chris & Kelly

30 minute Psychic/Tarot Reading

A 1 Hour reading with chris and Kelly

A night with chris and Kelly at Lily's vineyard

Meet Your Guides: a guided meditation with chris & Kelly

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