A. Burns

I met Kelly, it was during a time of transition in my life. I was living in Las Vegas and felt the urge to make a move toward what I truly wanted to do and have in my life.  Even though I was already practicing law of attraction, and was manifesting some things, I was certainty still young and new to wrapping my brain around the process.  The things that I had an problem with were keeping my thoughts positive on a consistent basis, allowing the universe to bring me what I asked for, and worrying about when I would receive what I asked for because it always seemed that I needed to have what I asked for right then.  By hiring Kelly, she gave me processes that I could use to flip my thinking around in all of these areas, the bubble technique being my favorite!


These things that I learned from Kelly, have given me tools that I can immediately go to when I notice myself getting out of control in my thoughts, and because of that I now experience faster progress in bigger manifestations, greater positivity on a daily basis, greater clarity and seeing things in different perspectives.  Kelly helped me through a really rough time during this transition and I couldn't have been more grateful to hire her!


A. Burns

Self Employed



3 things I struggled with before hiring Kelly were:

  1. Negative focus

  2. Overwhelmed with stress

  3. No hope

When I first hired Kelly my life was in a state of chaos.  I was going through a horrid and nasty divorce.  I was an abuse victim who was still being the middle of a nightmare.  I was at my end.  I had nothing to my name but the clothes in a suitcase and I was in fear constantly.  I hired Kelly and during our first session she was caring and compassionate.  She could see a future that I just couldn’t dream of yet.  She helped me with stopping when overwhelmed and releasing what I could not solve at that exact moment.  She showed me how to break up all the negative talk inside my own head and strategies to use when the thoughts turned negative.  Kelly was able to a honest and objective observer into my life and situation, she gave me wise advice without filling me with false hope or promises.  She is encouraging and she has always been there for when I needed her.  I don’t know where I would be without her guidance and compassion.

She helped me overcome these problems and as a result, I am enjoying these 3 benefits:

  1. Positive mindset

  2. Stress is managed.

  3. I am now able to make and follow a plan for my success and happiness.

Kelly is a fantastic and honest coach.  She is trustworthy and professional at all times.  Her advice and messages are always positive and for the benefit of her clients.  I am so thrilled with my progress under her watchful eye and heart.  I absolutely recommend Kelly as a life coach.  She is amazing!!!


Michelle Macias




Stacy Cohen

Kelly is a gifted listener, intuitive guide and coach. Before working with Kelly I would get lost in my mind with the question of how something was going to unfold. How would I create a new career path? How would I attract new energy in my life? How would I do all of the things I dreamed about? How? How?

Working with Kelly she was able ask me the questions that were lazar focused and cut through the how, to bring me to the next aligned step of action. Slowing down the monkey brain in me. Showing me the progress that has been made without the how it was going to happen made a huge impact for my life, my dreams and my business.

The benefit of my continued work with Kelly is that I able no longer asking the how question. I am listening to my heart, finding that the path is unfolding in front of me and I know I can count on Kelly to give real feedback. She is living proof that moving toward what moves you creates move movement and I’m grateful for the growth and progress I’ve made with her leadership.

To be crystal clear I had these three challenges before working with Kelly:

  1. stuck in the how…

  2. not taking action because of the stuck “how”

  3. feeling like a fraud, feeling like who am I do really make these big shifts? Other people can do it, but can I?

And because of working with Kelly, these three things have been huge benefits:

  1. no longer asking how. I’m doing.

  2. ABC (action begets clarity) By doing more, the clarity is clear on what my message is.

  3. I have broken through many limiting beliefs that were no longer serving me and I have claimed more affirming beliefs to empower my growth in all aspects of my life.


Stacy M. Cohen

Chief of Everything

The Art of Freedom








Stacey Butler

Kelly Weaver worked a miracle for me. And then it never stopped. Everything started to make sense. I literally went from homeless to living better than I could ever dream. I needed a new car and I was the recipient of a sudden gift. Not accidental it’s purely intentional. Kelly Weaver taught me to intentionally make my life’s m

ovements attractive. Kelly Weaver you have changed my life.


Stacy Butler



Michael Durante

I've known Kelly Weaver for years, both personally and professionally. Several years ago, I was feeling very overwhelmed and stressed to the point that it was making me feel negative, both physically and mentally stressing me out. Kelly was extremely kind, insightful, and inspirational. She helped encourage me through various talks about the universe and our ability to choose our path to live the life we were meant to truly live. I began a spiritual and emotional journey that changed my life, both personally and professionally. I worked out more, changed my perspective on what truly is important and meaningful, and look at any situation with a more positive perspective. She always encouraged me to believe in myself and stay true to who I am deep down.  Her positivity, humor, determination, and love of helping others makes her a remarkable friend and life coach. Today I am enjoying a teaching career and life that I truly love!


Michael Duarte





Kelly has helped me see the person I am.  She helped me become more confidential and see the positive in everyday. I have become more at peace and happy.

One of my favorite things to do that Kelly taught me is to ask the universe for something, anything and then let it go. It feels like a weight being lifted off me!



Self Employed